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Founder & Jewellery Maker

We craft unique jewellery

I love what I do, I love finding new beautiful spoons & flatware from all over the world and giving them a new purpose. Each piece is unique and steeped in history, the older they are, the more beautiful they become.

We are Unique

When you buy from us, you buy into the history of your jewellery
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My Story

Around 20 years ago I purchased my first spoon ring whilst living in Germany. Ever since I have loved the beautiful design and the look of spoon rings but never found many in the UK made to a high standard. With that I set about finding out how this was done, speaking to people all over the world, making connections & learning from talented like minded people. A special mention goes out to my inspiration & mentor Colleen Armstrong (a person I can call my friend & fellow jewellery maker from Canada who has guided me through my journey since my early days). I have always wanted to bring a fresh unique take to what we can make out of silver spoons & flatware. I hope this website and my collection demonstrates this!
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Why Choose Us

My collection is unique & one of a kind. I wear a lot of my own products as you can see because I love them...and I want anyone wearing jewellery from the Sezz collection to love them too. In a day and age where everything is mass produced I think its important to have & create something different, but something personal and my items certainly do that. I offer an extensive range of products that can be personalised...making buying gifts from me...for loved ones...the perfect statement!

Attending events all over the North West

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What Our Customers say

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I ordered a beautiful ring from Twisted Vintage after seeing their fabulous display at Cheadle Makers market a few weeks ago. It fitted me perfectly and Cheryl was so helpful. I will definitely be back for more xxxx.
Cheryl is very talented, friendly, professional and welcoming. Her jewellery is stunning and very reasonably priced. I've just received my first order, a day after ordering it and it is better than I expected. I will be ordering again very soon. Thank you Cheryl 😊 xxxx

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