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Ring Sizing

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Learn your ring size

We can adjust most rings by a few sizes. The below chart & guide will help you learn your ring size so you can order from us safely knowing your ring will fit when it arrives
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An app which can instantly size your ring

We recommend a near perfect app which our previous customers have used to great effect. We are yet to have a ring not fit and returned (not to say this can't happen of course). It is FREE to download and is available in the App Store & Google Play.
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Simple to use

You simply place your ring onto the screen and then adjust the leveller to fit. It will then give you the exact size in Letters which is what we use at

If you are buying a ring as a gift for someone, we couldn’t recommend this app more for being discreet in order to get your loved one the perfect sized ring (yes gents, we are talking to you).

*We have been informed that Ipads are NOT very good to use so please avoid them and try where possible to use a mobile device.

Any questions?

If there is anything your not sure of please send us a message via our contact form
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